Turbo Talks (Short Oral Presentations)

Dear participants, harnessing the hybrid mode of LA SOVE 2022 and in order for everyone to have the opportunity of making oral presentations, we have decided to replace the classic posters with Short Oral Presentations or TURBO TALKS.


What are the TURBO TALKS?

– They are Short Oral Presentations, in this case 5 minutes maximum. Given the hybrid mode of the congress, and for all Turbo Talks (TT) to be available for all the participants of the Congress (whether in person or virtual), each author must prepare a short video of their TT (maximum 5 minutes) in which she/he will explain (i.e., talk about) their work using slides. Each presentation (video) must be prepared before the Congress begins (find the deadline below, together with a guide for preparing your TT). Videos of the TTs will be uploaded to the cloud, ordered by topic, and will be available (exclusively) to registered participants once the Congress has started and for its entire duration.

ATTENTION 1: the video should not exceed 5 minutes.

ATTENTION 2: In the videos you can speak in Spanish, Portuguese or English, but the presentations must be written in English and, if possible, subtitled (in English). Bear in mind that the first slide must clearly show the names and surnames of the authors and the contact information (e-mail) of one of them.


Who can present Turbo Talks?

– All LA SOVE 2022 participants whose abstracts have been evaluated and accepted by the Scientific Committee will be able to present a Turbo Talk.


How will the IN PERSON attendants present their Turbo Talks?

– Authors who attend in person will be assigned a day and time to present their work based on the video they sent and to answer questions. This will be during one of the daily sessions for this type of presentations (there will be one TT session of one hour per day), which will be broadcast live.


How will the VIRTUAL assistants present their Turbo Talks?

– Virtual attendees will also be assigned a day and time to present their videos and answer questions. This will be done in virtual rooms of asynchronous transmission to which any registered person to the Congress can connect. When the time comes, the authors will be sent the corresponding link.


For both in person and virtual presentations, at the end of the session there will be a 10-15 minutes space for discussion and questions with the audience.

If you are interested in presenting a TT, here is more information on how to submit your abstract.



Guide for recording Turbo Talks


Recorded Turbo Talks


Dear LA SOVE 2022 participants, as we informed you previously, all abstracts that are accepted by the Scientific Committee will be presented as a 5 minute video (Turbo Talk or TT) that must be recorded and submitted before the congress. Take note that even if you are attending LA SOVE 2022 in person, you are still required to submit a recording of your presentation. All the videos will be uploaded to our cloud and will be accessible to all LA SOVE 2022 attendees. For those presenting in person, the recorded video will be played without audio during a Turbo Talk session, and the author must give their talk as faithfully as possible to the one in the video. For those presenting virtually, the recorded video will be played with audio in the assigned virtual room.


Recorded TT Requirements


  1. Structure: The presentation should consist of a few slides and the author’s narration.
  2. Language: Regardless of the language you choose for the narration (Spanish, Portuguese, or English), the slides must be written in English and the narration preferably subtitled (in English).
  3. Length: The recorded video(s) should not exceed 5 minutes in length. A new version of the video will be requested for videos that exceed the time limit.
  4. File format: The file format must be .mp4.
  5. Submission deadline: recorded TTs must be sent by email by 11:59 pm (Argentina time, UTC – 3:00) on Sunday October 2nd.



Guide for TT design:


  1. Configuration: Design your presentation for 16:9 screen format. If you use PowerPoint go to Toolbar > Design > Page setup > On-screen Show (16:9).
  2. Slides: Presentations should include an introductory slide containing the title, authors’ names, and affiliations. To make this slide, you must use the template provided by LA SOVE 2022 (the template will be sent as an attachment with the abstract approval email). You can only change the title, author, affiliation, and contact information, maintaining the text format. You are free to choose the design for the rest of the presentation. You must also include a closing slide with information regarding the author’s contact information and affiliation / links to resources / funders, or simply the words “Thank You”, to end the presentation.
  3. Text: Text should be dark on a light background. We recommend the “Sans-serif” font and either left or right alignment. Keep words to a minimum and average no more than 1 minute per slide.
  4. Videos: If your presentation will include videos, download and embed these videos in the presentation as .mp4. If using PowerPoint, go to Toolbar > Insert > Video > Video from file. Select the corresponding video from your computer.
  5. Filming yourself: If you decide to include your camera feed during the recording, design the slides accordingly to avoid covering any information with the video window.



Guide for recording your video

  1. Equipment: You need a computer with a microphone (and a camera if you film yourself), and software such as PowerPoint. We recommend using wired headphones & microphones since they give the best sound quality.
  2. Environment: You need a quiet space to avoid background noises. If you are filming yourself, choose a place with lighting in front of you and a plain background. We recommend turning off and disabling any apps that may interrupt, cause pop ups or notification sounds during your recording.
  3. Language: The presentation can be narrated in Spanish, Portuguese, or English.
  4. Software: We recommend using a video conferencing tool to record your video (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or PowerPoint).


            Using Zoom:

  • Open Zoom – start a new meeting.
  • Share your screen and select your PowerPoint presentation.
  • If you have embedded videos with sound in your presentations, remember to select the setting to “Share Computer sound”.
  • Select the “Record” button.
  • Start your presentation.
  • End recording once it is complete.
  • Your recording will be saved on your local computer or cloud drive, depending on your settings.
  • Locate the file (.mp4 format), check it and make sure you have a clear begining and end to your presentation.
  • Once you are happy with your presentation, rename the file.
  • You are now ready to upload and send your file.
  • For more detail, please peruse these links: https://support.zoom.us/hc/es/articles/201362473-Grabaci%C3%B3n-local and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Jg3_AQoOJ4


            Using PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint also allows you to record presentations, offering the possibility to record slide by slide.
  • Find the tutorial for recording a presentation in Microsoft’s official webpage. PowerPoint also allows you to add closed captions (subtitles) to you presentation (see instructions).


  1. We recommend you first make a test recording to ensure that your sound and video are working correctly.



Guide for submitting you recording

  1. Recorded videos must be submitted by email to lasove2022@gmail.com
  2. The file name, as well as the email subject, should follow the same instructions as the abstract submission (both should indicate topic, approach, name, and surname as follows: the topic number (number 1 to 10), underscore, approach number (1 to 4), underscore, surname of the presenting author, underscore, and full names. For example, 1_3_Pérez_Ana Belén corresponds to the abstract sent for topic 1 -Chagas-, approach 3 -Vector-pathogen interaction-, by Pérez Ana Belén. If the same author sends more than one abstract as first author, this must be indicated in the subject by using the corresponding number after the name/s and an underscore. For example, 1_3_Pérez_Ana Belén_2 indicates that this author has attached 2 abstracts for review.
  3. By submitting your file, you are agreeing to share your recorded TT with all congress participants, both in person and virtual.



If you have any questions, please contact us.

Organising Committee LA SOVE 2022

E-mail: lasove2022@gmail.com