Field Trip

Dear LA SOVE 2022 Participants, we are pleased to update the details for our FIELD TRIP!

As you know, we have planned a field trip for Sunday the 30th of October. We will be visiting two sites of ecological importance.

The Avellaneda Eco-Area Reserve:

And the Villa Domínico Environmental Complex:

We will go to these reserves in private buses (provided by us), which will leave on Sunday the 30th of October 9 a.m. from the Postgraduate and Convention Center.

The outing will include a (low difficulty) hike of approximately 2 km.

Lunch is not included and, since we are going to have lunch there, we recommend that you bring a lunch box.


We will leave at 9 am from the door of the Convention Center – Karakachoff Building (48 e/ 6 and 7).

– Lunch is NOT included in the trip, so we suggest you take a lunch box.

We will be providing water (REMEMBER to bring the glass we provide in the congress bag) and snacks for mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

– We will be at the Natural Reserves until 4:00 p.m. approximately and then we will return to the starting point.

For organisational purposes we need you to complete the form of optional activities that we also sent you by email before the 30th of September. Whomever does not complete it before that date will not be considered for this optional activity, since we need to confirm who will attend to organise the trip in terms of necessary transportation and the insurance that each participant must have.

Date: Sunday 30th of October.

The reason for this field trip (a distinctive feature of LA SOVE meetings), is to encourage communication among colleagues while we discover a unique natural beauty, the southernmost relict of the gallery forests that border the Paraná and Uruguay rivers and their tributaries, the Marginal Forest or Gallery Forest. This association called Marginal Forest, named as such because southern subtropical vegetation grows on the banks of the river and streams that flow into it, includes tree species such as Blepharocalyx salicifolius, Allophylus edulis, Ocotea acutifolia, Pouteria salicifolia and Lonchocarpus nitidus, accompanied by numerous vines, epiphytes, herbs and shrubs typical of the forests of southern Brazil and northeastern Argentina. Both the Eco Area Reserve and the Environmental Complex are two of the few places where the Marginal Forest or Gallery Forest is preserved, and they are on the Río de La Plata riverbank, about 50 km from the city of La Plata.


-We suggest wearing comfortable clothes; in October – November it is already hot in the area, between 25 and 30ºC, but do not forget to bring a coat because it is usually windy on the riverbank.

-Wear comfortable shoes, hat, and sunglasses.


– Bring water and some snack.

– Optional: you can bring binoculars and cameras.

We hope you enjoy the field trip as much as we do!