Activity Schedule:

The central theme of the LA SOVE 2022 scientific program, Control of endemic zoonotic and vector-borne, emerging and re-emerging diseases: Current challenges in Latin America, includes the following neglected zoonotic and vector-borne diseases (topics), which are particularly relevant in Latin America:
1) Chagas;
2) Mosquito-borne Diseases (dengue, malaria, yellow fever, zika, chikungunya);
3) Leishmaniasis;
4) Tick-borne Diseases (Rickettsia, Ehrlichia, Borrelia);
5) Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers (Hantavirus);
6) Leptospirosis;
7) Rabies;
8) Hydatidosis / Cystic Echinococcosis.

Other topics of regional importance have also been included:

9) Insect vectors of plant diseases;

10) Arthropod-borne diseases of veterinary importance;

11) Genetically modified insects for use in agriculture, livestock, and poultry;

12) Vector resistance to pesticides used in Public Health;

13) Integrating Approaches for Vector Control; and

14) Challenges and Perspectives to Address Some Neglected Diseases.

These topics will be addressed through the following approaches:
1. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires and habitat fragmentation on zoonotic and vector-borne diseases;
2. Vector biology and eco-epidemiology;
3. Vector-pathogen interaction; and
4. Vector control and surveillance including a) new surveillance and vector control alternatives, and b) insecticide resistance.