We are pleased to inform you that the next Annual Congress of the Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past (SSCIP) will be held on October 18-20, 2023 in La Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina) at the Postgraduate Center “Sergio Karakachoff” of the National University of La Plata located in the center of the city.

In this opportunity, the theme of the Conference: “Voices of time: concepts and perspectives that recover the childhoods of the past”, invites us to think about the role of children and adolescents in different times and places This implies the necessity to incorporate the study of remains from archaeological contexts, as well as the exploration of written and oral sources. The analyses of the characteristics of the findings allow us to know the individual particularities and to interpret the living conditions of past societies. Consider the role of children in different social groups. To evaluate the existence of contrasts in their care and participation in daily life according to gender, age and abilities. Also to reflect on their participation in play, work and collective memory in past and present societies. In this context, we call for the analysis of childhood from a transdisciplinary perspective, recovering their participation in the recent and ancient past.

Some of the suggested topics are:

– Living conditions of children in ancient populations
– How do we explore the presence of children in archaeological contexts?
– Treatment of children in funerary contexts
– Differential treatments by gender, age or abilities in ancient populations.
– How the voices of children from the past contribute to collective memory
– Children’s care, education and health in the recent and ancient past
– Children’s participation in production or work contexts

The event will feature Conferences, Oral Communications and Posters. It will be carried out in hybrid form, accepting presentations in person and remotely in order to favor international presentations. Presentations will be accepted in both Spanish and English, although it is strongly suggested that papers be presented in english and abstracts should be submitted in both languages.

All information related to the congress will be published on this website.

We look forward to your participation