The topics related to Metal-Organic Frameworks or MOFs cover various aspects, from synthesis strategies and characterization techniques to the study of varied applications such as catalysis, environmental remediation, drug transport, gas storage, magnetic, optical, or sensor applications, among others.

Although the development of this sub-area of ​​materials science is consolidated worldwide, in Argentina local groups do not yet have a specific sphere of exchange and discussion, something of vital importance to enhance collaboration opportunities. It is precisely in this aspect that this Symposium seeks to contribute. The event will be held in its entirety under the remote modality and will have the participation of researchers and scholars from all over the country, as well as researchers from abroad who are experts in the field.

The modality of participation will be through plenary, semi-plenary, and short presentations, with digital support of the material available for all registered participants in three days divided into four sessions. Additionally, we will have the presence of leading researchers who will present their views on the most promising prospects for the development and future applications of MOFs.