Apicomplexan parasites are an important economic constraint to the food and agricultural industries.

Apicomplexan parasites are a diverse group of protozoan organisms,

which have acquired a parasitic lifestyle and infect vertebrates and non-vertebrates.

Among apicomplexans are numerous species that are responsible for a variety of serious diseases in humans, companion animals and/or farm animals, and they are thus of outstanding medical and socio-economic importance.

ApiCOWplexa 2024 will be an in-person meeting and will provide a forum for researchers, scientists, students, industrial and governmental partners with an inherent interest in apicomplexan parasites in livestock. The meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for networking and scientific exchange. Topics of this meeting will cover the different areas of research on apicomplexan parasites, from One-Health to molecular and cell biology, host-parasite interactions, immunology,diagnosis, epidemiology, drug development, and vaccines and control of infections with these parasites.

1- One health
2- Epidemiology and economic impact
3- Diagnostics
4-Treatment and control
5- In vitro and animal experimental models
6- Host-parasite interactions and pathogenesis
7- Molecular and cellular biology
8- Immunology and vaccines
9- Systems biology (genomics, proteomics) and evolution